In the fields of Chemistry and Materials Science, our team of experienced patent attorneys and engineers use a wealth of general and specialist subject knowledge to provide excellent, well informed services in the areas of organic and inorganic synthesis, catalysis, automotive technology, chemical engineering, life sciences, materials, materials applications in electronic and mechanical devices, foods and packaging, polymer science and petrochemicals, to name just a few.


In the fields of physics, information technology and engineering, Herzog IP’s team of experienced patent attorneys and engineers have been involved in cases from various areas of technology such as general physics, laser science and optical technologies, optoelectronics and semiconductors, thin-film technology, polymer engineering, process engineering, food technology and brewing, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering.


The patent attorneys and engineers team at Herzog IP handle IP matters in the entire field of life sciences and biotech. The team has been involved in several life science matters including molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, physiology, plant biology and medicine and successfully advises clients, for example in the areas of white, green and red biotechnology, bioinformatics, screening technologies, diagnostics, medicine, pharma as well as food and foodstuff technology.